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Valley Village Guitar Lessons

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Advanced Guitar Lessons - Leo G
Advanced Guitar Lessonsnorth hollywood, CA

Leo has had great success with any students up to the advanced level. He will set the base for your guitar playing through his mentoring.

R&b Guitar & Voice Teacher - Shaun R
R&b Guitar & Voice TeacherNorth Hollywood, CA

Guitar classes for beginner and intermediate students will be fun with Shaun R. this good guitar teacher works with students of all ages and interests.

Guitar and Bass Teacher - Jay o
Guitar and Bass Teachernorth hollywood, CA

Jay O. gives classes in Valley Village. Jay is patient and versatile as a teacher and will always listen to Jay client's needs.

Guitar Teacher - Deanna P
Guitar TeacherNorth Hollywood, CA

Deanna is a licensed guitarist that teaches guitar lessons in Valley Village. She charges $50 for her sessions.

Guitar Lessons - Cary S
Guitar LessonsNorth Hollywood, CA

Cary gives guitar lessons for kids and adults. He thinks that music is an extremely special talent that needs cultivating.

Piano and Violin Lessons - Louis A
Piano and Violin LessonsNorth Hollywood, CA

Want to play Chopin and Mozart? Learn from Louis A., And get started right away. Other subjects he can tutor include piano and violin.

Private Guitar Lessons - Nicholas V
Private Guitar LessonsNorth Hollywood, CA

Valley Village is a great place to take guitar sessions for students of all levels. Nicholas provides fun and simple guitar lessons that aim to make a music lover out of the student.

Great Guitar Teacher - Rob L
Great Guitar TeacherValley Village, CA

Rob also gives rhythm training. His prices are reasonable. They're $60/hour. Rob finished studying at University of Florida in 2011.

Guitar Teacher - Yngrid A
Guitar TeacherN Hollywood, CA

Yngrid has been teaching for 6 years. Yngrid has a great expertise for guitar that carries over to Yngrid classes.

Guitar Teacher - Brandon R
Guitar TeacherValley Village, CA

Learn how to make beautiful music with classes from one of the best guitarists. Brandon has a great skill for guitar that carries over to his classes. He went to Musicians Institute.

Voice and Guitar Teacher - Michael A
Voice and Guitar TeacherNorth Hollywood, CA

Need to belt those high notes? Start singing lessons with Michael very soon. While learning to play guitar, you'll acquire a deep appreciation for music.

Guitarist and Bass Teacher - Giovanni L
Guitarist and Bass TeacherNorth Hollywood, CA

Looking for one of the best guitar tutors in Valley Village who can offer students with no experience guitar sessions? Giovanni L. tutors guitar in a integrated and comprehensive manner.