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Laura V. - Piano and Voice Teacher
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I have been singing, acting and teaching music for over 20 years. I grew up in Argentina where I studied acting and singing, and where I toured with theatre groups and choirs. I graduated in Vocal Instruction from the Music Academy of Basel, Switzerland. In Europe I had the opportunity to study classical, jazz, latin, and broadway voice with many top instructors. 
Since I moved to California 2002, I continued to perform, record and teach music. I enjoy sharing my experience of music with students of all ages.

Teaching Philosophy

What takes place in a typical lesson

After evaluating the student’s goals, style and level, I begin to customize a training program with exercises that incorporate the above areas (under “philosophy”). Every voice is different and every singer has specific goals, challenges and strengths. In a typical lesson, after a warm-up, I encourage students to select some of their various favorite songs. It can be pop, rock classical, Broadway songs, Blues, and most other genres. This will allow the student to grow musically while enjoying the journey. From their selection, I choose the ones that will enhance their strengths through practice and address their challenges as well. Through feedback, explanations, examples and emphasizing correct breathing, just to name a few, students improve their awareness and with practice can move on to the next higher levels. There is so much more learning involved such as improving range, flexibility, transitioning between chest and head voice, mixed voice, developing tonal memory, runs and riffs, and more.

To build confidence when performing or for auditioning, I tap into Acting and imagery techniques to expand the experience of interpreting a song and give suggestions on performance and enhancements. I provide my experience in acting; my studio and microphone settings to give the student ample practice before their performance or audition or even throughout various lessons in general. They can hear how they will sound professionally which gives them great feedback. The goal is not only confidence but to have all the correct pitches in place, at the same time sound relaxed, strong, clear and with a voice that sounds natural.

How long does it take to become great

Regular practice performing the assigned exercises is extremely important in order to develop muscle coordination and memory. I encourage my students to record the voice lessons, listen and practice. There are many factors that can determine one person to advance faster than another. Achieving results is not a direct line in singing. It is important to take the process as a continuing journey into learning and discovery. Reaching the desired coordination takes time and the process cannot be rushed. You shall see improvements from the first lessons, but the bigger results will happen in their own time, not on a deadline.

Singing Programs

Posture, body mapping.
Exercises for breath control and coordination, improve tone quality, pitch,range, and diction.
Vocal Health. Warm up routines. Relaxation and visualization.
Basic elements of Sight-reading. Developing tonal memory.
Ear training: singing and recognizing different Intervals, major and minor scales and triads.
Understanding and hearing different time signatures. Developing rhythm and timing.

Transitioning between chest and head voice smoothly.
Vocal Dynamics: volume and energy levels.
Essential Vocal Harmonies: Harmonizing on thirds/ sixths.
Work song: applying dynamics and stylistic tools. 

Advanced technical exercises to improve range and flexibility. Mixed head voice.
Advanced Dynamics: straight tones and vibrato.
Sight-reading on different keys.
Improvising on different modes. Pentatonic scales and runs. Apply improvisation to add personal touch in your song.
Developing auditioning and performing skills.
Developing an artistic persona and a strong message.

Photos and Videos


vocal jazz

1998 - 2002Music Academy of BASEL, SWITZERLAND

Languages Spoken

  • EnglishProfessional Proficiency
  • SpanishFluent/Native Proficiency
  • GermanLimited Proficiency


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