GHS GB-DGF David Gilmour Signature Electric Guitar String Review

GHS GB-DGF David Gilmour Signature Electric Guitar String:

The GHS Boomers are known to manufacture some of the best guitar strings on the market. This well-known musical instrument maker has one of their best products in the David Gilmour Series. 

With a relationship that extends more than four decades, this string series for electric guitars will wow you and provide your desired sound. If you wish to play like David Gilmour in no time, this liner set is an excellent place to start. 

This series is often called the Blue set and remains one of the most widely used string sets in stores right now. As a beginner or pro, the Power String, as it’s also called by many guitarists, will fit right in when you get the stringing going. 

There are many things you have to know about this string set. That’s why we’ve presented the GHS GB-DGF David Gilmour Signature Electric Guitar String Review for you to get whatever you need.

Highlights of the GHS GB-DGF David Gilmour Signature Electric Guitar String


This string set is made with round-wound steel wire enveloped by a high-quality nickel plating. The steel core produces girth and balance for the sounds your electric guitar produces, and the nickel-plating keeps your sounds coming out sustained and fresh every time. 

The combination of these materials quality, along with the expertise of GHS, produces a bright, springy, and sustained string texture. 


The tone of the guitar string set is what will instantly thrill you. When you need to sound exactly like a pro guitarist, all you need to do is get these strings on, and you’ll be amazed at how good it sounds. The winding technology, along with the coat of the lines, makes enhances the liners’ tone to fit any blend you wish to play in. 


The signature GHS David Gilmour Blue Series comes in single or 3-packs, depending on your choice. These strings also come in individual measures to ensure you have a lot of variety. The Blue set has a gauge range from 0.010-0.050. If you intend switching gauges on your guitar, expect the strings’ tone to become more robust as the value increases. 


With many string manufacturers falling out of favor of guitarists due to their strings coming corroded, the market is changing. Many string makers claim their lines are factory fresh and won’t corrode easily, but the GHS series stands out among them all.

The string set comes in a design that promotes the sustenance of freshness of the liners. With the Nitro-Packs, what you get is a liner set sealed separately from each other in air-tight packs. The area where these strings are sealed is rid entirely of oxygen to make the packaging resistant to corrosion and any rust potential. These packs are resistant to tear, so expect them sealed when they are shipped to you.

Musical Styles

The GHS David Gilmour Blue Series comes meant for light and medium-toned genres. This makes it ideal for a range of musical styles. If you’re creative enough, you can use lesser and higher gauges to produce identical sounds that fit in any music genre.


All the exciting features of the GHS Boomers David Gilmour Blue Series points to the liner set’s quality. The Blue series has a lot to add to your playing style, and if that isn’t enough, know that David Gilmour has been using GHS in producing those engaging, world-class sounds.