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Pop Guitar Lessons - Isaiah B
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Pop Guitar LessonsLa Habra, CA

My name is Isaiah Barker. My wife, Sabrina, and I live in La Habra/Fullerton with our puppy, Latte. I've been playing guitar for over 9 years, specializing in pop and worship songwriting. My heart has always been to write great songs, and in my recent career, I have been blessed to see amazing things come from this love. I am a worship leader at Redemption Hill Church in Uptown Whittier, which is where I can host you, my potential student, and get you to the place you want to be at in your musical journey. Thanks for taking the time to look at my profile. Hope to work with you soon. - Isaiah Barker

Jazz Music Lessons - Marc R
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Jazz Music LessonsLos Angeles, CA

Hi! My teaching approach focuses on individuality and student choice. I believe that musicianship must grow from a spark of excitement. In each lesson I work to help grow that spark into an enduring passion for learning and self expression.I grew up in the Boston area, where I studied piano, drums, bass and guitar from an early age. The help I received along the way from teachers, friends and members of the community helped form a view that is central to my teaching: music excites, inspires, and connects people – music helps us to better ourselves through our relationships with others.I attended the New England Conservatory, earning a degree in Jazz Performance. Shortly after graduating I moved to Chicago, where I lived for ten years. While based in Chicago, I toured throughout the United States and Europe with several bands. I also nurtured a ragtime piano obsession, committing all of Scott Joplin’s rags to memory. I'm still working on it!I recently relocated to Los Angeles, where I have become involved in the local music scene and continue to teach!

Drum Instructor - Connor S
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Drum InstructorAustin, TX

I started developing a passion for music at an early age when my parents started giving me cassettes of Tom Chapin to listen to. Pretty soon I began visiting concerts as early as age 6. Eventually I started listening to Meatloaf and Rush, and that's when I really started to enjoy drumming. I loved watching Neil Peart's drum solos and I started taking lessons so I could do that too. At the age of 11 I started playing and at the age of 12 my parents bought me my first drum kit for my birthday.For junior high, high school and some of my college I was in concert band, and I also played in the marching band all through high school.Around when I was entering high school I started to be interested in recording, so I picked up my first microphone pack and recording software to track my drums. I continued to collect more and more recording gear over the greater part of a decade and refine my skills.In college I studied music theory, jazz drums, composition, audio engineer and I am almost done with my music business degree.I look forward to meeting you all and sharing my passion for music.

Guitar and Drum Lessons - Joseph T
2 Reviews
Guitar and Drum LessonsRedondo Beach, CA

I have been playing music for over 20 years. I have been a successful part of Rock Bands, Jazz Bands, Blues Bands, Marching Bands, etc. So, whatever style of music you are interested in or wanting to learn, I can help!I have spent the past 6+ years honing my skills for Training, Coaching, and Developing. So, I can promise two things. You will get results and you will have FUN!I will design your lessons around you and your goals......not mine!*** Lesson Details *** Ultimately, my goal is to make sure you enjoy yourself and want to keep coming back. In that process I will make sure you get results.I am laid back and very patient. Two qualities I feel are necessary to be successful in this field.I design my curriculum for each individual. This is because everyone has their own goals, there own level of ability, and their own needs as far as how to get there.Locations: 1) Rehearsal Studio is my rehearsal studio. I have a full drumset, PA, guitars, and amps available at this location.2) Apartment is my apartment in Hawthorne. Students are welcome to come here but we have limited options for instrumentation here. Practice Pads, hand drums, and acoustic guitars are the only options at this location.*** Studio Equipment *** 5 piece Yamaha Drumset with Zildjian Cymbals. PA system. Amps, Guitars, and Keyboards.*** Travel Equipment *** I have acoustic guitars, a practice pad, and a djembe. I expect my students to have their own drumsticks and, ideally, their own guitar and practice pad or drumset.*** Specialties *** I specialize in rock/contemporary & marching band style percussion/drums. I also specialize in folk style guitar and bass.

Piano and Guitar Lessons - George F
1 Review
Piano and Guitar Lessonsladera ranch, CA

I am so glad you’re here!My music lessons for young children are full of fun, interactive activities with iPads apps and traditional methods that not only help develop a strong musical foundation and build essential life skills, but offer a unique bonding experience for you and your child.Discover for yourself why families love it my innovative music lessons for kids.YES! Music Matters!The music curriculum is built on research that proves MUSIC MATTERS. Music affects virtually every aspect of development and when young children are consistently engaged by music during the “musical window” they benefit at many levels.Private lessons will provide a solid foundation in keyboard, guitar and drums skills, music theory and typically excel quickly in their continued music education when learning other instruments.The education and experiences a child has at our music program sets them up for success with private instruction.Music ProgramBuilds spatial-temporal reasoning skills critical for greater success in math and science studies.Music students out-perform non-music students on achievement tests in reading and math.Music students receive more academic honors and awards than non-music students.Develops social and emotional skills including the ability to relate to others and better express ideas, and less likely to have behavior/discipline problems.I provide one or two recitals a year and work also with Charter schools:Sky Mountain, Sage Oak & iLead.Call now: 1-949-627-1695 / music.class@aol.com for more information.

Guitar and Bass Lessons - Tyler S
1 Review

I have been performing and collaborating with various Orange County artists since I was 16 years old, and am currently a session guitarist across the Southern California music scene. Having experience learning music at Vanguard University and teaching students in private lessons and group courses, I understand the musical education process on both ends.

Drumming Tutor - Christopher F
1 Review
Drumming TutorPortland, OR

I have been a musician since before I can remember. I found my passion for the drums in 4th grade. I played my first pro gig in 7th grade. I have had the pleasure of being able to perform and play with many different artists and ensembles. I am 28 and have been playing for 20yrs. I am proud to have studied under some of the Instruments more notable players. Harvey Mason( Herbie Hancock), Curt Bisquera ( Elton John), Abe Laboriel Jr.( Sir Paul McCartney). Are you ready to have fun learning how to play? I know I am.

Trumpet Teacher - Dez G
1 Review
Trumpet TeacherHawthorne, CA

I have extensive experience with providing quality music instruction to various types, levels and ages of students. I love music and have a heart to give the expression of music away to any/all who seek it. MUSIC IS THERAPY, so you could consider me a Therapist. I have been sanctioned through California State Polytechnic University of Pomona to provide music instruction, 1992. I also have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Performance on the Alto Saxophone, but I proficiently play approximately 30 instruments.

Rock Drum Tutor - Mike Z
1 Review
Rock Drum TutorAustin, TX

A little bit about my beginnings... Like many kids, I liked playing on pots and pans to the radio and my parents top 40 and golden oldies record collection. I always enjoyed listening to all kinds of music and have many fond memories of shopping for records and tapes with my dad (ha-ha that was way before mp3's and streaming platforms). My first baby sitter was pretty cool and played "air guitar" so we started a band. I played drums using a toy pair of "Lincoln logs" for my sticks as we turned up the stereo and jammed the night away. My grandpa gave me my first drum from Sears toy department and the next year in 1979 my parents took me to see KISS for my first concert on my 5th birthday. Then seeing Michael Jackson with The Jackson 5 backing him up on the "Victory" tour when I was 10 years old also made an impact on me. I got my first real Ludwig drum set on my 11th birthday and immediately joined my school band making music with new friends, learning fundamental snare drum rudiments, playing percussion in various ensembles and competing at regional and state music events, marching bands, jazz bands and orchestras well into my college years. I was very fortunate to have MANY great teachers who challenged me, helped me set goals, guided and inspired me musically, built my confidence and showed me how to turn failures into achievements. I was always playing in numerous jazz groups, rock bands and jam bands outside of school. I just couldn't get enough stage time and studio experience. So, I moved to Austin, Texas in 1997 to explore the rich music scene. I began teaching at a local music studio and playing with lots of different bands as much as possible. In 2000, I helped form award winning Latin-rock band, "Del Castillo" which got me recognized as best drummer in Austin for SXSW Music Awards (02/03). Del Castillo band went on to record with Willie Nelson, Santana, Robert Rodriguez and Los Lonely Boys among others (releasing 7 award winning albums and 2 live DVD's) while touring across Texas, USA and Europe. After all that, I still love to practice, study and teach as much as I can. I've also recently begun writing new music for my first original studio project. I currently endorse Pro-Mark drum-sticks, Zildjian cymbals, Evans drum-heads, Gibraltar hardware and percussion by SWAN & LP. Music is a long and winding road and the journey is the destination... Thanks for considering me to be your guide and help you or your child on their musical journey.Visit my band page: http://delcastillomusic.com/?page_id=17