GLS Audio Guitar Instrument Cable Review

What if you get a guitar cable that is not too expensive but extremely reliable and useful? Every guitarist would love to have it. The way Toyota is the star in the automotive world, similarly GLS Audio, is the leader in the guitar industry.

GLS tweed guitar instrument cable is one of their excellent addition. Most expert users, including a few from our team, seem to love this cable. Thanks to its quality sound and highly-functional design.

The attention to detail while making the cable is what impress us. That’s why we couldn’t stop ourselves from doing this GLS guitar instrument cable review. Let’s get started.

Highlights of GLS Audio Guitar Instrument Cable

GLS Audio cable has a lot of things, which makes it one of the best budget guitar cable. We’ll look at what makes it outstanding.


First of all, we must mention the build-quality of the GLS Audio tweed instrument cable. Both conductor and insulator shield is crafted with Oxygen-free copper. Then, it is double shielded with conductive PVC and OFC insulator shield.

This shield protects the signal from the external interferences. For added strength in the construction, the cable features a triple strain relief system. It is coated with an external rubber heat shrink and then internal rubber booty strain relief.

Finally, at the core, it features an internal metal clamp strain relief. All these make the cable capable of severe usages for years. At the top, it has a braided tweed cloth jacket, which makes it looks solid but feels exceptionally flexible. This jacket also resists stains and molds from entering.

Sound Quality

Apart from being reliable, GLS Audio tweed is also famous for providing better sound quality. Thanks to its super-low capacitance rating of 38 Picofarad per feet. This is what sets the cable apart from other high-capacitance rating cables.

Its better sound-quality makes the cable great for jazz, rock and roll, and other guitar tones. If you prefer more professional and high-quality tones, GLS Audio tweed is for you.


GLS Audio cables usually come at a variety of lengths, not an exception for the GLS Audio tweed cables. The GLS Audio tweed instrument cable comes with 20 feet length. Thankfully, this length is good enough to cover stages of live concerts and home studios as well.

Compatibility and Value

The GLS Audio tweed cable comes with a distinct ¼” right-angle TS to ¼” straight TS plug system. It is compatible with most guitars. You can use one cable in your home studio, live performance, and anywhere you go. Also, with the low price point, it makes an excellent value for the money.

Who Should Buy This?

The guitarist who uses many guitars and touring guitarists should use GLS Audio cables. The standard plugs, suitable length, and solid build make the unit a versatile instrument cable.

Bottom Line

GLS Audio tweed cable is a high-performing and long-lasting cable that helps make a better sound. Overall, its innovative design and low price point make it a fantastic deal.