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Music Teacher - Nicolas R
Music TeacherSherman Oaks, CA

Music has been a part of my life since my mom introduced me to music at an early age. I attended the University of Miami for my undergraduate degree in violin performance and music education. I also earned my Master of Music from Florida State University in Music Education with emphasis on composition and arranging. I've had the great honor of playing violin for film music recording sessions at Capitol Records, The Bridge, and Firehouse Studios. In addition to teaching and playing, I also compose music for film.

Guitar & Bass Lessons - Claudio T
Guitar & Bass LessonsLos Angeles, CA

HI! I've been playing acoustic and electric guitar for about 18 years. I work as a session player, teacher and live performer in the LA area. I graduated at Musicians Institute in 2011 where I won the Stanley Clarke Scholarship. My passion for the guitar led me to share the stage, work and study with many artists including guitar legend Joe Bonamassa, Kirk Fletcher, Allen Hinds, Oz Noy and many others. I truly feel blessed about making my living just from music!Claudio

Classical Music Lessons - Mark V S

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by to learn a little bit about me — I really appreciate it!I’ve been “Specializing In Melody” since the age of 5 when I discovered my natural ability to play and create catchy tunes by teaching myself the harmonica by ear. I went on to learn the accordion at 10, the piano at 12, MIDI and synthesizers at 15, the guitar at 30, and a long list of other exotic instruments along the way, completely by ear.I have collected rare synthesizers since 1984 and have well over 80 in my collection.I am also Pro Tools certified and have been teaching Pro Tools, MIDI, music production, composing, keyboard techniques & sound design since 1998 having won numerous academic awards.I have a BA from UCSC in an individual major of Audio/Visual Composition.I wear many hats including my first passion as a prolific composer, BMI/BMG songwriter, producer, sound designer, Pro Tools editor, MIDI expert & programmer, writer, consultant, and of course teacher inspiring my students to become better than they ever dreamed possible all while having FUN!

Rock Guitar Lessons - David P
Rock Guitar LessonsSherman Oaks, CA

I have been playing guitar for many years and I had a great teacher who taught me the basics when I was just starting out. Later I supplemented that with jazz guitar lessons and I continue to learn new things about the guitar every chance I get. I've played in bands— mostly blues/rock—over the years and I enjoy sharing what I've learned with new players.

Kids Guitar Teacher - Guy M
Kids Guitar TeacherVan Nuys, CA

Are you looking for guitar lessons and can't decide who to go to? Well, come check out what I have to offer! I am not expensive and can do them any day/time you need me to. Also if you're an at home kind of person i do skype sessions at a lower cost. Any level of guitar is okay and if it's your first time I have plenty of guitars so you don't need to bring yours if you don't have one. I can also go to where you are to teach or you can come to my place. I Have an Associates Degree in Guitar Performance and can teach about music theory, ear training, or songwriting. I have been playing music/guitar for 11 years now and have experience in teaching guitar to young kids and adults in all musical styles/genres.

Fun Guitar Lessons - Matt H
Fun Guitar LessonsVan Nuys, CA

I am a professional musician, with a degree in music in the disciplines of guitar (acoustic & electric), and sound engineering (running sound for live music or recording in a studio). I have as much experience teaching as I do performing, composing/writing, recording/producing music. Also, I was never the virtuoso musician. If you can believe it, I had only played guitar for 9 months before audition for the opportunity to study music.I mention all of that to say: 1) I had to work hard to attain my current skills. So, I know, all too well, the obstacles faced in learning to play. So no matter your skill level, natural ability, or age all are welcome! 2) I have very friendly, laid back, and adaptable approach, because the only way to avoid wishing later that you had stuck with those darn lessons is to ENJOY the learning! So, the aim of the lessons will always be to have fun! 3) That being said, if you are the serious student who has material/curriculum you'd like follow we can absolutely do that. However, most of my students follow a hybrid approach in which they learn to play the music they enjoy, and as a result they experience and learn many of the various concepts of music.I am more than happy to come to your house, school, or practice spot! Due to the high costs of travel in CA, those rates are slightly higher. I also have a very safe, and comfortable studio/practice area at my house, and you are more than welcome to join me here!

Great Guitar Teacher - Rob L
Great Guitar TeacherValley Village, CA

Hey everyone! I've been playing piano since I was 4 and guitar since I was 8 and I play and practice everyday for 2-4 hours. I briefly attended Berklee School of Music where I received a certificate in Advanced Guitar and Songwriting. I have been teaching students for over 10 years now and I can safely say I have taught almost every different kind of student. From adult group lessons, to 7 year olds, to high schoolers, I can't think of a demographic I haven't taught and contributed to on their musical journey.

Private Guitar Lessons - Ricky K

In one way or another I have been in the music business my entire life. Playing for TV shows or in concerts, teaching, or a sideman for casuals, music has always been my life and passion. I have been playing since I was 11 years old and started playing professionally at the age of 13. Regarding my teaching; I taught at the famous Dick Grove School of Music (Now MI) and at Valley Arts Guitars. Re my musical education: I studied with Ted Greene for 30 years and studied music at California State University Northridge.

Guitar Teacher - Brandon R
Guitar TeacherValley Village, CA

I have been playing guitar for 15 years and teaching since I graduated from GIT in 2009. I hold an Associates Degree in guitar performance, and I am currently pursuing a DMA from USC Thornton School Of Music. I am always actively performing, writing, and recording in LA and abroad. I have had the opportunity to play alongside notable musician's including Glen Sobel of Alice Cooper's band, and opened for the great ZZ Top. I am thankful for my natural gift of patience which lends itself quite well when it comes teaching.