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Guitar and Drum Set Teacher - Tabor A

I have been playing drums for over 15 years. My training includes years of private lessons along with playing in Jazz and Orchestra Bands and studying music at Pasadena City College. I have toured the US and Europe extensively playing in Rock and Jazz bands and done lots of studio session work. I also compose and produce music professionally in LA and Orange County. I bring a lot of real world musical experience to share with my students whether they want to play music professionally or just have some fun and jam out!

Guitar Lessons - Golnar R
Guitar LessonsAliso viejo, CA

Hi, My name is Golnar. I am a classical guitarist, composer and a passionate and patient teacher as well as a musical ensemble artist.   I hold my Master of Arts degree with an emphasis on Music from the most prestigious Art University in Tehran, Iran. I have an Advanced Certificate of Performance from the Trinity College in London as well as TVU Advanced Certificate in Theory of Music. I have participated in Master classes of great musicians of the era such as Lily Afshar and Thomas Kirchoff. I have also performed in a variety of international festivals and have been teaching Classical Guitar for the past 10+ years. For now, much of my time is spend in teaching, performing and recording.

Music Lessons at Home - Scott S
Music Lessons at HomeLake Forest, CA

For as long as I can remember, the piano has been a very important part of my life ever since I started playing at age 5. From there on, I picked up the guitar and self taught myself with my music knowledge from the piano, and later on, I became increasingly interested in singing. I now currently attend Irvine Valley College in Irvine and I am currently studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Music Production. I believe that it is my calling to teach my love of music to others.

Pop Bass Teacher - Ian W
Pop Bass TeacherMission Viejo, CA

Hey my name is Ian I am currently enrolled in saddleback college for Jazz and Commercial, I have been playing since elementary and love teaching. After college I plan on becoming a music teach I hope to get more experience teaching one on one.

Pop Guitar & Banjo Instructor - Richard C

Over thirty years playing and instructing experience with specialization in Guitars, Banjo, Ukulele and other stringed instruments. Rich received his degree from the University of Maryland and studied music theory, its practical application to the instrument, improvisation, harmony and composition at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.He has also studied privately with numerous teachers throughout the country including Hank Wiktoriwitz of the Boston Pops, Jon Damian, Berklee Guitar Chairman Larry Baione and internationally known Charlie Banocus.

Rich has performed throughout the Northeast and California including The Sweet and Hot Jazz Festival in Los Angeles, The Bakersfield Jazz Festival, Cape Cod Jazz Festival and at numerous night clubs and social events.Rich teaches both privately and in a classroom setting. He is currently a faculty member in the music department at the Tarbut V’ Torah School and formerly at Concordia University.

Classical Guitar Lessons - Timur D

I am a classically trained guitarist and teacher with 20 years of experience teaching music.I attended children's music school in former Soviet Union and later continued my studies for B.Mus at Tel Aviv Music Academy in Israel.I moved to USA in 2003 and have been living and teaching in Orange County, CA since then.I specialize in classical (aka Spanish or nylon string) guitar, but also teach acoustic/electric as well as beginning piano.I prepare my students of school age for RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) examinations , they also have a chance to perform in recitals 1-2 times a year.About half of my students are adults-working professionals and seniors.Our lessons would also include music theory (optional though), so you will have better understanding of music that you play, we'll learn chords, of course, I always encourage my students to compose, it develops your creativity.

Guitar and Bass Lessons - Tyler S
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I have been performing and collaborating with various Orange County artists since I was 16 years old, and am currently a session guitarist across the Southern California music scene. Having experience learning music at Vanguard University and teaching students in private lessons and group courses, I understand the musical education process on both ends.

Guitar Instructor - Ramtin T

Hi !! This Ramtin Tourchian Composer and Guitarist at Scox band Music is all of my life and That's why I'm here. My goal is growing the music with interested Students. I got my Composing degree at 2012.

Piano and Guitar Lessons - George F
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Piano and Guitar Lessonsladera ranch, CA

I am so glad you’re here!My music lessons for young children are full of fun, interactive activities with iPads apps and traditional methods that not only help develop a strong musical foundation and build essential life skills, but offer a unique bonding experience for you and your child.Discover for yourself why families love it my innovative music lessons for kids.YES! Music Matters!The music curriculum is built on research that proves MUSIC MATTERS. Music affects virtually every aspect of development and when young children are consistently engaged by music during the “musical window” they benefit at many levels.Private lessons will provide a solid foundation in keyboard, guitar and drums skills, music theory and typically excel quickly in their continued music education when learning other instruments.The education and experiences a child has at our music program sets them up for success with private instruction.Music ProgramBuilds spatial-temporal reasoning skills critical for greater success in math and science studies.Music students out-perform non-music students on achievement tests in reading and math.Music students receive more academic honors and awards than non-music students.Develops social and emotional skills including the ability to relate to others and better express ideas, and less likely to have behavior/discipline problems.I provide one or two recitals a year and work also with Charter schools:Sky Mountain, Sage Oak & iLead.Call now: 1-949-627-1695 / music.class@aol.com for more information.