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Guitar and Clarinet Lessons - Marcos M

I have been involved in music since I was a young lad. I began playing clarinet formally at the age of 11 and continued until I was 15. I picked up the guitar at 14 and have not put it down since. I am currently 28 years old. I have performed in several bands. I am currently in a bass/guitar player in a reggae/ska/jam band. I have taken a few classes, but I am mostly self taught. I have taken several music theory classes, and I can get by quite well. I find that music can channel out energy and bring happiness to a person. I would love to share my skills with others and pass on what I know. May the student become greater than the teacher.

Guitar Lessons - Karl G
Guitar LessonsLa Puente , CA

I have been playing the guitar for over 12 years now. In the meantime, I have done many jobs which did not change the fact that my heart belongs to music and want to have a career in music. I have hosted private lessons for over two years now and my students were very happy about what I have to offer. I always pay attention to what each student want in their music career and plan out their study programs step by step individually. I am proficient in finger style guitar and rock style guitar in both lead and rhythm. My goal in teaching music is to help each students achieve their goals in music career, but most importantly, to help them stay interested of learning new things.

Fun Guitar Classes - Andrew C
Fun Guitar ClassesHacienda Heights, CA

From those early days of banging on pots and pans it was clear that music was a part of my life. Coming from a musical family also plays a factor. My father plays guitar, and was a big help in getting me started with playing and performing. I have been playing guitar for over 12 years. Though I have an AA in Fine Arts music was always a first priority. There were a few bands here and there that I was in. I even got to collaborate on a theme song for the series IN PLAIN SIGHT for the USA Network, but it was never used.

Guitar Lessons - Steven M
Guitar Lessonscovina, CA

Hello, my name is Steven. I've been playing music for 15 years and recently decided to start teaching. I attended the Alhambra School of Music from 2002-2007 and since then have had some success in my own personal music endeavors. My goal is to help students of all ages. I remember what it was like starting out as a beginner. Having a strong interest and desire to play an instrument like all of my musical heroes. I've created a beginner and intermediate program that will help you learn fast while still maintaining your interest. Music is fun, therapeutic, and over time can actually become a lucrative career. At the moment I am offering classes for the following: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, music production classes with Ableton Live 9/9.5

Fun Guitar Teacher - Paul G

With teaching, I begin with learning how to read music, proper fingering, a four step process for routine practicing, scales, and learning chords. I also teach students how to memorize and learn their way around the fret board of the guitar. Next is playing to learn and this keeps learning exciting and fun. This is the point where students are on the way to learning songs and select styles of music. Students are using the learned skills in step one into song practice and much more.

Guitar Teacher - Jonathan O
Guitar TeacherLa Puente, CA

Hello, my name is Jonathan and I would like to be your guitar teacher. My interest in teaching began a month ago. I wanted to become a better guitar player and I approached teaching to build skills not only for the guitar but for life, in general. I developed a system based on four learning methods to efficiently progress in the instrument and understanding of music and theory. These four methods, Multi-sensory Learning, Rote Learning, Participation and Involvement and Group Interaction, ensures a learning experience that promotes quick, efficient and expansive progression. We learn easy and hard. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." The end result is a skill that is entertaining for the spirit, rewarding to the soul and beneficial for the self.Guitar has been an interest to me since the first time I heard a distorted guitar. Rock influenced my growing life. I wanted a guitar but I began playing only 8 years ago. My mother knew I would love a guitar but could not trust me with one until she acknowledged the intense interest I had in music influenced by the guitar. She bought me a guitar when I was fifteen and it was a very good choice but a bad one as well. I learned quick and became an advanced player within two years. I spent many hours practicing songs and exercises, composing and improvising and maintaining my guitar: although, these hours were supposed to be committed to school. I would sometimes miss school and homework to play guitar all day. Like Einstein on the guitar.

Guitar Teacher - Ryan S
Guitar Teacherla habra, CA

At a young age i taught myself how to play guitar. I have been playing for 14 years. I started of writing music and now I play for an up and coming country music artist and have opened up for Trace Adkins and Little Texas. I am currently going to school at rcc for a music major. I am getting classically trained but i can play all sorts of genres.

Pop Guitar Lessons - Isaiah B
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Pop Guitar LessonsLa Habra, CA

My name is Isaiah Barker. My wife, Sabrina, and I live in La Habra/Fullerton with our puppy, Latte. I've been playing guitar for over 9 years, specializing in pop and worship songwriting. My heart has always been to write great songs, and in my recent career, I have been blessed to see amazing things come from this love. I am a worship leader at Redemption Hill Church in Uptown Whittier, which is where I can host you, my potential student, and get you to the place you want to be at in your musical journey. Thanks for taking the time to look at my profile. Hope to work with you soon. - Isaiah Barker

Pop Guitar Teacher - Thomas B
Pop Guitar TeacherFullerton, CA

Tom Bremer is an experienced and passionate guitarist, instructor, singer-songwriter, and top session player in Orange County, California. Born in Fullerton, he picked up the guitar at age 15, where he began to construct what would become a vast catalogue of rock and pop songs. He displayed his natural musicianship as he quickly picked up on the riffs and songs of guitar legends such as Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Jimmy Page. Tom graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a BA in Radio-Television-Film and earned his AA in Jazz Studies at Fullerton College. He performed at the Fullerton College Jazz Festival and Steamer’s Café in Fullerton. After graduating from Cal State Fullerton, Tom met Alice Wallace, a talented country, blues and folk singer-songwriter. He became Wallace’s lead guitarist and developed his own interpretation of Country and Folk Music. Tom performed with Wallace at the Disneyland Hotel for the Indie Music Awards, The Coach House for the Orange County Music Awards, the House of Blues of Anaheim, The Hotel Café in Los Angeles, and opened for big acts such as Al Stewart, Javier Colon, Sophie B Hawkins, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and Wynonna Judd. Tom has recorded three albums with Wallace and has toured along the West Coast, Oregon, San Francisco, and performed in The South By Southwest Festival in Austin. In October of 2015, Tom and Wallace appeared on the KCal9 CBS morning show promoting Wallace’s third album, Memories Music and Pride, under California Country Records. In early 2016, Tom, Wallace, and band released their official music video, Just Don’t Care Anymore, and broke the top 100 Americana Music charts. In addition, Tom is currently the lead guitarist for several acts in Orange County and Los Angeles such as David Rosales, Blontourage, and The Hawkline Monster. You can catch Tom performing with these acts at different venues in Orange County and Los Angeles.

Jazz Guitar Lessons - Gilberto L
Jazz Guitar LessonsFullerton, CA

From a young age has been linked to music through his father who was also a musician, accompanying him day and night in the conservatory of music and all musical activities of his father being. The guitar instrument that always he felt identified play from Venezuelan merengue, waltz and Latin American music in all estudiantinas where he belong as a child. Professionally, he studied classical guitar at the Conservatory Pedro Nolasco Colon in Caracas and later course chairs advanced Harmony (jazz) and improvisation enacted by Venezuelan guitarist graduate at The Musician Intitute of Hollywood California Gonzalo Micó and guitarist Pedro Barboza of Berkley School of Music, increasing Thus the musical spectrum. He also graduated in Music Education at the Pedagogical Caracas with several awards for academic excellence and Magna Cum Laude mension. It is why he It also has the ability to enter a lot of musical genres, as it is equally comfortable working pop, rock, funk, latin, electronic and among other adapting to any musical situation.

Fingerpicking Guitar Lessons - Rock S

As a guitar player, ive been playing for 16 years. I mostly play metal, though i know some blues and acoustic guitar. In my off time I play in an "Alice in Chains" cover band.

Beginner Guitar Lessons - Michael P

I'm an LA native, born and raised in the Pasadena area. I have been playing guitar for over 18 years. I attended the LA music Academy in 2007, Citrus College's Audio Engineering Block program from 1999-2001, and have a vocational degree in Music Theory. I've toured and worked as a session guitarist on numerous studio recordings, touching upon on everything from funk (Michael Jackson Producer John Barnes), pop rock (Raushi), hip-hop (Shifty Shellshock, Devante Swing of Jodeci), to Country (Brandon Friesen).

Piano, Guitar, and Bass Teacher - Adam M

My father had been an intermediate/advanced level guitarist throughout his early years. I remember observing him play out a fair amount of his own personal favorite songs, one summer night (perhaps seventeen or so years ago, at roughly the age of four or five) and seeing him strum and pick melodies at ease from the instrument, to me was something mind-blowing. I was intrigued by the sounds, and eager to play it. I've performed professionally with some successful bands. "Falling Awake" (last band played with), signed with "Mute-mouth Records" in 2013, and traveled across/performed nightly in many cities/states nationwide. Whether for fun, or labor, I have always continued. During middle school, Sunday Mass was always a blast, in the Chapel I sat, to play with the band, at San Antonio Catholic Church. I was later delighted to play Guitar, with the Canyon High School Jazz Band. I am currently majoring in music. (Music Theory, Jazz Guitar, and Music Production)Playing/learning any instrument, builds upon one's ambition to actuate development. I find it important to point out, practice should survive down the line, not a contrived custom, but a self-gratifying chain of priceless achievement; If the application inhibits ambition, one divides by nature of association. I've been teaching unprofessionally, and professionally( many friends and willing learners )for roughly seven years or more. I recommend choosing me for Guitar or Bass, Music theory, and ear-training/aural skills are the two most important factors/main focal points, in my lesson plan.