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Guitar and Bass Lessons - Tyler S
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I have been performing and collaborating with various Orange County artists since I was 16 years old, and am currently a session guitarist across the Southern California music scene. Having experience learning music at Vanguard University and teaching students in private lessons and group courses, I understand the musical education process on both ends.

Guitar Classes - ALI Z
Guitar ClassesIrvine, CA

I was born and raised in Iran, Started to learn music at the age of 13. After trying different styles, reached to the conclusion to follow what I really feel about music and create music based on my deep feelings towards my strange life. "I think Music has been already written on our minds during the whole moments of life, We just need to find a way to express it".

Flamenco Guitar Lessons - Caroline E

I've been playing the guitar for 12 years now and I am a college freshman. I went to a performing arts high school and there is where I found my passion for Flamenco. I became the matriarch of my guitar department and met so many well known flamenco artists such as Paco de Lucia. I traveled to Spain in the summer of 2015 and studied with a world famous family of gypsy flamenco guitarists. I grew in my love and passion for flamenco and I hope to return to Spain to learn more. My goal is to share my knowledge and love of flamenco with others, while being able to help people in any way that I can.

Licensed Guitar Teacher - Hoyt B

Hi my name is Hoyt Binder and I’ve been teaching for about 20 years. I have music degrees from Cal Stat Long Beach as well a LAMA (LA Music Academy). I’m an extremely patient teacher and love teaching. I have the knack to explain things in a very simple way, in fact I’ll give you 5 years of music education in 30 minutes if you want…;) I never hold back, so I’ll go at your pace- whether that be fast or leisurely.I love many styles of music from pop to Native American music and have released my own albums ranging from Jazz/ fusion to modern rock and gig in the LA area. I really enjoy helping students find their own voice and I love teaching the creative process, whether it’s song writing or improvisation.For those wanting to focus on technique and other things like sight reading, I can do that too. I’m here to make music fun, so let me know if I can help!

Pop Guitar & Banjo Instructor - Richard C

Over thirty years playing and instructing experience with specialization in Guitars, Banjo, Ukulele and other stringed instruments. Rich received his degree from the University of Maryland and studied music theory, its practical application to the instrument, improvisation, harmony and composition at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.He has also studied privately with numerous teachers throughout the country including Hank Wiktoriwitz of the Boston Pops, Jon Damian, Berklee Guitar Chairman Larry Baione and internationally known Charlie Banocus.

Rich has performed throughout the Northeast and California including The Sweet and Hot Jazz Festival in Los Angeles, The Bakersfield Jazz Festival, Cape Cod Jazz Festival and at numerous night clubs and social events.Rich teaches both privately and in a classroom setting. He is currently a faculty member in the music department at the Tarbut V’ Torah School and formerly at Concordia University.

Classical Guitar Lessons - Timur D

I am a classically trained guitarist and teacher with 20 years of experience teaching music.I attended children's music school in former Soviet Union and later continued my studies for B.Mus at Tel Aviv Music Academy in Israel.I moved to USA in 2003 and have been living and teaching in Orange County, CA since then.I specialize in classical (aka Spanish or nylon string) guitar, but also teach acoustic/electric as well as beginning piano.I prepare my students of school age for RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) examinations , they also have a chance to perform in recitals 1-2 times a year.About half of my students are adults-working professionals and seniors.Our lessons would also include music theory (optional though), so you will have better understanding of music that you play, we'll learn chords, of course, I always encourage my students to compose, it develops your creativity.

Guitar Instructor - Ramtin T

Hi !! This Ramtin Tourchian Composer and Guitarist at Scox band Music is all of my life and That's why I'm here. My goal is growing the music with interested Students. I got my Composing degree at 2012.

Piano, Guitar, and Bass Teacher - Adam M

My father had been an intermediate/advanced level guitarist throughout his early years. I remember observing him play out a fair amount of his own personal favorite songs, one summer night (perhaps seventeen or so years ago, at roughly the age of four or five) and seeing him strum and pick melodies at ease from the instrument, to me was something mind-blowing. I was intrigued by the sounds, and eager to play it. I've performed professionally with some successful bands. "Falling Awake" (last band played with), signed with "Mute-mouth Records" in 2013, and traveled across/performed nightly in many cities/states nationwide. Whether for fun, or labor, I have always continued. During middle school, Sunday Mass was always a blast, in the Chapel I sat, to play with the band, at San Antonio Catholic Church. I was later delighted to play Guitar, with the Canyon High School Jazz Band. I am currently majoring in music. (Music Theory, Jazz Guitar, and Music Production)Playing/learning any instrument, builds upon one's ambition to actuate development. I find it important to point out, practice should survive down the line, not a contrived custom, but a self-gratifying chain of priceless achievement; If the application inhibits ambition, one divides by nature of association. I've been teaching unprofessionally, and professionally( many friends and willing learners )for roughly seven years or more. I recommend choosing me for Guitar or Bass, Music theory, and ear-training/aural skills are the two most important factors/main focal points, in my lesson plan.

Beginning Guitar Lessons - Pierce M
Beginning Guitar LessonsFoothill Ranch, CA

I have been playing guitar for 5 years, and actively write, produce, and perform my own work, as well as teaching guitar, bass, ukulele, and mandolin, which I have done for over three years. I am educated privately in guitar from a variety of music schools, but have also walked the frustrating path of educating myself. Aside from music, I have a degree in Philosophy; this led me to enjoy explaining difficult concepts as simply as possible; simply put, teaching is my favorite thing to do, especially to younger children.