How to Improvise on Violin

Violin is a string instrument that has four strings and played with a bow. No other string instrument is as small and high pitched as a violin. Violin is classically used in western music. Especially this string instrument is essential for European and Arabian music. But the important thing is someone who wants to improvise on violin need to know some the whole article, we try to describe this as much as easy way.

Violin is an acquainted musical instrument around the world. Lots of people love to play as well as listening violin. Sometimes the rhythm of violin becomes soul-touching. Sometimes the music of violin makes a person feel better than any other instrument. The feeling actually depends on the capability of the person who is playing on it as well as circumstances.

However, people always like the rhythm of music. But not all people prefer to play music on instruments. Though it’s not so easy to play music on violin, you can at least start if you really want to learn how to play. We know that perfect practice can make a person perfect. But, at first you have to start to be perfect.

Improvising on Violin

If you really want to improvise on violin from your heart, the following instructions will definitely be worthwhile for you. Let’s have a look-

  1. Begin to learn: First of all, you have to start with your proper concentration that you will learn to improvise on a violin. Don’t need to be worried about your beginning music. Whether the music is good or bad, just begin. Because beginning is the most important part of any task. So you should skip thinking and start to improvise on violin.
  1. The scale of music: Initially, you can start with a simple scale like d major. You can also start with the part of the scale. Whatever your preference is, go for it. You can play up and down the scale so that it becomes easy to play. After becoming familiar to the initial music, you can change the major.
  1. Use of Notes: Notes are important to make one’s own style in case of playing violin. But, at the first time you should start to skip notes. And try not to be worried about the music. After initial trial, try to play using the notes of the rhythm. It will make you more interested and increase your confidence.
  1. Silence: Add as much silence as you can. Then start to think about playing such as you are speaking with commas and periods. Silence is really important in case of improvisation. Because it helps to accumulate your complete concentration so that you can listen and feel your own rhythm of the music.
  1. Consistency: To keep consistency in a task, you have to keep practicing each day. After getting comfortable, you can look into chords and scales to match up. You can connect one tone to other tones and make decent melody songs. And again, do not forget to use silence at the time of thinking.
  1. The rhythm of piece: Another kind of improvisation is changing the rhythm of piece. Change of rhythm can swing a jazz piece into a classical piece or a classical piece into a country swing. To switch a piece of music and create your own music can be a fun and source of interest for you.
  1. Alteration of rhythm: You can alter the rhythm completely and add your own rhythm with a piece. It is an awesome and a safe way of improvising on violin. This change of rhythm can be your self-inspiration.
  1. Play with friends: You should try to play with your friends or others to understand exactly how to start to build your foundation on playing a violin. At the time of playing violin with others, you will be able to compare your music with the music of others. If you continue practicing, it will make your possibilities unbounded.
  1. Try to play different sounds: It is not the matter of perfection; it is the matter of practice that makes your improvisation capability. Play every sound that you are hearing around you. The sound can be of different types like soft, vibrational, smooth, loud, explosive, harsh, pleasant, unpleasant etc. You can try to mimic those sounds on violin. It is really amazing.
  1. Recorded sounds: Another way of improvising on a violin is playing a recorded version of your favorite music. You can try to play your favorite music as well as you can make your own piece of music. Your own piece of a version which has no famous solo can be a fantastic one.
  1. Add more than one note: You can improvise by adding more than one note. If two notes become harmonious, then you can add a third one or more than that. It will depend on the harmony and dissonance of the notes. It is possible to make a combination of notes and make one’s own way of a musical phrase.
  1. Need to improvise: The ability to improvise is not only important to new-learner but also essential for musician. Besides helping you at the time of need, improvisation will make your understanding deeper towards the fundamentals of music. You need to let yourself feel, hear and understand music thoroughly and deeply. It is not necessary to improvise in public. Your daily practice will allow you to improvise at any moment if you want or need to do so.

Beside those from here you can also learn about 50 improvisation ideas for violin within 4 minutes:

We all have to know, Learning improvisation on violin is not a silly matter indeed. You need to be dedicated towards your desire as well as you have to practice again and again. If you can learn the way of improvisation on violin, you can teach or help others to learn the way. Actually it is a great matter to know how to play a musical instrument.

As violin is a four string instrument, one need to give much concentration to learn it. Once you understand the way of using the instrument, you can easily play music on it in your own wish. Whether you want to be a professional violinist or not, the learning can be fun for you. So, just start and keep trying. Happy learning!