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Beginning Music Lessons - Josue C
Beginning Music Lessons Melrose park , IL

Josue C. can help you become an amazing musician. Josue is a fun loving person who believes in creating a positive environment.

Drum Instructor - Andy C
Drum Instructor Forest Park, IL

My training as a drummer has come from both the old and new school ways of learning. Old school in the sense that I've been playing in bands and studied the drums formally with a few teachers, while new school meaning that my focus is to help the student create their own way of playing. I hope to achieve the student's goals by giving them exercises to work-on within the context of songs they like to play. This makes lessons fun while having a firm basis of drum fundamentals to work-on.

Drum Lessons - James B
Drum Lessons Oak Park, IL

James B. is patient and accessible to work with. Learn reading music, theory, scales, and more with classes from James.

Classical Piano Teacher - Gerardo P

Gerardo P. is a musician who provides classical music lessons to kids and adults of all ages. Want to learn Chopin? Gerardo has got you covered.

Classical Cello Teacher - Rebekah D

Rebekah instructs inventive music for even advanced students. Rebekah gets along with Rebekah music customers in a entertaining but professional manner.

Trumpet Teacher - Augustine M
Trumpet Teacher Berwyn, IL

Want a reliable instructor? Look no further than Augustine. Augustine's students end up loving him music classes.

Jazz Voice Lessons - Rebecca Y
Jazz Voice Lessons Chicago , IL

Looking for one of the best music instructors in Maywood who can offer those just starting out music lessons?

Music Lessons - Gordon P
Music Lessons Chicago, IL

Learn theory, scales, and technique with this teacher who has been mentoring for over 7 years. Gordon P. will teach up to advanced music students all through Maywood.

Jazz Music Lessons - Marc R
2 Reviews
Jazz Music Lessons Chicago, IL

Understand your goals and begin your music career with qualified sessions from Marc. He has a degree in bachelor of music from New England Conservatory of Music. He finished in 2004.