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Drum Lessons - James B
Drum LessonsOak Park, IL

As a drummer, pianist, singer and producer/studio engineer, I have studied and participated in the music field since I was a child. My well-rounded knowledge will help students learn drums/percussion in a unique way – from learning rudiments to finding their place within a band.

Drum Instructor - Andy C
Drum InstructorForest Park, IL

You'll evaluate your musical objectives, and Andy will help you carve out a path of achieving them. Is your budget around $55/hour? That's exactly what Andy C. charges for music lessons.

Beginning Music Lessons - Josue C
Beginning Music LessonsMelrose park , IL

My name is Josh Castillo, I'm 25 and have been playing since I was close to 9 years of age. I have been teaching guitar since I was 13 but didn't begin an actual teaching practice until after high school. I've been around music my whole life and enjoy showing others all the things I have learned over the years. If I had a teacher to show me what I have learned my whole life I would be twice the musician I am today.

Trumpet Teacher - Augustine M
Trumpet TeacherBerwyn, IL

Augustine offers music lessons to all skill levels. Augustine M.'S students end up loving him music classes. Other subjects he can instruct include ear training, trumpet, and music theory.

Guitar & Songwriting Lessons - Michael E

Michael E. is a musician who provides folk music sessions to children and adults of all ages. Enjoyable music lessons are a given when you learn with Michael E.

Classical Cello Teacher - Rebekah D

Are you searching for the right teacher to assist you in your goal to advance your musical career? Rebekah's music classes are expensive for a reason. They start at $65/hour.

Jazz Guitar Teacher - Sean G

Need local music classes in Oak Park? You've found them in Sean G. you'll study theory, reading music, scales with Sean G.

Music Lessons - Gordon P
Music LessonsChicago, IL

Get fun and easy music sessions when you hire Gordon P. while learning to play music, you'll develop a profound appreciation for music.

Jazz Voice Lessons - Rebecca Y
Jazz Voice LessonsChicago , IL

Learn how to create beautiful music with services from one of the strongest musicians. Rebecca provides licensed music lessons that will improve your skills.

Classical Piano Teacher - Gerardo P

Hello potential pupils!I have been an amature musician for over 10 years and have loved every second of it. I can play various instruments but my main concentration is piano.Piano is an amazing and beautiful instrument that, once learned, can be adapted to many other instruments. I absolutely love the piano and if you study with me, you will love it too.For those of you just starting out, I know how it is and I know the frustration that may come with it. Believe me when I say that I have been there, and yes, it will take work and lots and lots of practice. However, sometimes when you try to do it on your own... a lot of practice does not make your perfect... it is perfect practice that makes you perfect. Allow me to be that guide and you will be able to quickly outgrow me and find your true style.