Is 61 Keys Enough To Learn Piano

We all love the acoustic music and sensuous ancient sound of a piano. Many people spend a llearningto lean piano . There are so many types of keyboards, based on the number of keys it has, that it can be puzzling f people to decide whictheyo he/she should buy.

Some pianos have 25 keys, 49 keys, 61 keys or even 88 keys. Still, if you are at your beginning level and trying to learn piano, opt-out opt out for a keyboard instead. Itslightlybe a bit different from the piano, but you will discover almost the same thing.

To learn piano you need to have 88 keys in your instrument. But if a 88 keys piano is unavailable for you, then you can go for a 44/49/61/76 keys keyboard.

I suggest using a 61 keys keyboard if you are still struggling at your beginner level. If you can master a keyboard that has 61 keys, you will automatically learn to play a 61-key piano. Then, when you master it, you can switch to 88 keys piano.

Why a 61 keys keyboard?

If you have just now reached your level to learn, a piano, then you should go for this. It is sufficient for beginners. The keyboard length is a big issue here. The range of a piano is not friendly enough if you are still a beginner. It is easy to practice with a keyboard than piano.

So buying a piano that suits the length of your reaching level is very important in the beginning.

A 61 keys keyboard often works for intermediate-level learners also. Because those left-out keys are always not necessary. The keys are also not so heavy, so it’s also suitable for those pre-puberty learners.

If you are a guitarist who has recently turned into a pianist then this is the best option for you. Moreover, its lightweight and length allow you to carry it while traveling.

Benefits of an electric 61 keys keyboard:

Typically a piano has 52/88 keys. A standard electronic keyboard has 61/76 keys. As the 76 keys keyboard is large, my suggestion for you is to use those with 61 keys.

The electric keyboard comes with a touch sensitivity feature. The sound will be low when the keys are pressed softly. If you push them harder, you will get louder music. Interesting, isn’t it? If you are planning to buy a keyboard it is just a big yes for you, I think.

Benefits of a weighted acoustic keyboard:

Before you buy a keyboard, feel the weight. Don’t worry, it does not need to be like your dumbbell, but try to manipulate the keys while touching. These keys are important because they cause the hardness and softness of the tune.

You must have control over the keys when you are tuning music. Be a little extra careful when you are buying a 61 keys keyboard, because all of them don’t have the same weighted keys.

Keyboards with Speakers

Some 61 keys keyboards come with speakers. This is a plus point for keyboard users, which piano users do not get usually. If you do not want to count extra money on those amplifiers, try to buy keyboards with built-in speakers.


It is a concerning fact for learners who want to learn some real music and who have a great thirst for songs. But I am pleased to tell you that you can play all kinds of contemporary, pop and rock music with a 61 keys keyboard if you are a beginner. Playing the ancient music of the 18th & 19th centuries is also possible with this keyboard. You will be happy to know that tunes of radio and video games music are composed of 61 keys keyboard.


Price can be a big problem for every music lover. But this is not as expensive as a piano. Instead, you will get these kinds of keyboards only at 100$-1000$. So all the music lovers, it is an excellent opportunity for you to grab a keyboard in your average budget. Sometimes you’ll get a discount(you have to be lucky of course). Some online stores sell them at a cheaper rate.

So hurry up and meet up your music thirst with a 61 keys keyboard.