Is Ukulele Easier Than Guitar?

Do you want to follow in the footsteps of acknowledged music virtuosos and influential artists? Then, you better decide if you’re going to be the 21st century’s Jimi Hendrix or Eddie Kamae. The former changed how the world perceives guitar playing, and the latter led a musical revolution that made ukuleles a worldwide phenomenon. So which will it be?

In this article, we’ll answer the even-confusing question, is the ukulele or guitar easier to learn? So read on to get your answer.

Short Answer

On the contrary to what many people think, the ukulele is much easier to learn than the guitar. It has fewer strings, a more petite body, and costs less to buy. Not to mention, it takes less time to master than the guitar. However, it isn’t as famous.

Now that we’ve given you a broad answer, it’s time to jump into more details!

Why Ukulele Is Easier to Learn

Many people prefer the mellow tones that guitars produce to the ukulele’s dainty pitches. However, when it comes to the easiness of learning, the ukulele shines. And here’s why.

Faster Learning Curve

Once you start learning a musical instrument, you’ll want to play an entire song as quickly as possible to show off your abilities. However, if you choose the guitar, it’ll test your patience a little. Playing a song on the guitar requires many steps and practice.

That said, you can play an entire song on your ukulele after learning four basic chords. This means that you can reach your goal after only a few weeks of learning.

Soft Strings

One of the challenging aspects that beginner guitarists face at the beginning of their musical journey is pressing down steel strings. They reflect constant pain on fingers and aren’t at all comfortable. 

Conversely, all ukuleles have soft strings, whether nylon or other materials. This is mainly because, unlike guitars, ukuleles don’t produce treble. Instead, they produce mellow and delicate tones. Only classical guitars have soft strings like ukuleles.

Fewer Strings

Whether you buy a soprano, tenor, or baritone ukulele, you’ll notice that it only has four strings. Meanwhile, all acoustic and electric guitars have no less than six strings. So while it isn’t a general rule that instruments with fewer strings are more straightforward to learn, ukuleles are.

To play a simple C chord on a ukulele, you’ll only use one finger on one string. However, to play the same chord on a guitar, you’ll simultaneously use your ring, middle, and pointer finger.

This is often challenging for beginners whose hands are still not flexible enough to maneuver around the strings.

Smaller Body

You won’t believe how much of an inconvenience carrying a guitar around is. As well as its large body, it has a heavyweight that might give you back pain. Not to mention, riding public transportation with a guitar isn’t the most enjoyable task to do.

On the contrary, carrying a ukulele around is a breeze. You can fit it anywhere, and its lightweight will ensure your comfort while walking.

Thinner Neck

Do you know how challenging it is to play chords and notes on a guitar? You have to stretch your hands and make shapes that scream pain. This is because guitars have large necks that are difficult to get around.

Meanwhile, ukuleles have thinner necks. And while training your fingers to reach all chords may still be demanding at first, it isn’t comparable to playing the guitar.

Another bonus point that the smaller neck provides is reduced wrist tension. Most professional guitarists complain about stretching their hands too far on the guitar’s body. Unfortunately, while those movements breed beautiful tones, they also inflict pain.

More Budget-Friendly

Although this point isn’t technical, it’s a deciding factor for many people. We all know how musical instruments can be too expensive, especially on the professional level. This deters many people from learning them. However, ukuleles break this stereotype with their budget-friendly prices.

For instance, you can buy a ukulele for a price as inexpensive as $50 and less if the instrument is used. As for guitars, you won’t find a good one that costs less than $100.

To Wrap Up

Deciding on a musical instrument you want to play is challenging. Do you go with the worldwide acknowledged instrument that most people learn? Or do you go with the unique instrument that is famously easier to master?

If you have a limited budget, want quick results, and don’t want to challenge your skills too far, then reserve an online ukulele course right away and start playing.