All About Learn to Play Day

Learn to Play is the flagship event of Music for All, a UK-based charity organization. The event is dedicated to helping aspiring musicians, as well as lapsed ones, take up an instrument of their choosing.

There’s a lot that goes on during Learn to Play, from group workshops and competitions to mini recording sessions. What’s more, partaking in the event is completely free of charge!

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Learn to Play is based primarily on providing the public with taster music lessons for a variety of instruments. Doing so helps shed light on the fact that anyone, regardless of ability, can be a musician if they want to.

In addition to taster lessons, Learn to Play Day offers group workshops on guitars, drums, and keyboards. So, if you’re an aspiring rockstar, this is an event you definitely don’t want to miss!

There’s a jamming space where you can try out a bunch of different instruments with friends and family. Not to mention that you get to watch or partake in mini recording sessions and sign up for software tuitions.

Here are a few other things you can expect during Learn to Play:

  • Live Performances – Some of the venues that are chosen to host the Learn to Play event tend to organize live performances as a way of attracting more attendees.
  • Many Competitions – Learn to Play offers you a fun opportunity to participate in music competitions and win prizes, including free concert tickets and musical instruments.
  • Product Showcases – A lot of hosting venues partner with local music shops as well as service providers to offer vouchers and product showcases.
  • Harmonizing – Who can resist the graceful sound of a group of singers harmonizing together? The answer is no one!

Learn to Play in 2022

Do you want to be part of this year’s rendition of Learn to Play? The event will be hosted in several venues all across the UK on the 8th and 9th of October, so mark your calendar!

For more information about the event, be sure to follow Music for All on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Also, keep an eye on their YouTube channel for announcements and free resources.