LyxPro Electric Guitar Amp Review

I won’t prefer this amp to any pro or intermediate-level guitarists. It sounds good but not up to the mark. So, why am I reviewing this amp? Well, some guitar players do not have any other option. This one is for them.

Some Awesome Specifications:


If you are the kind of guy who loves to experiment with sound, then go for this amp. The amp offers a necessary EQ. for example, treble, gain, and bass. All the knobs of the EQ have variety. I used this amp only for distortion and a clear purpose. 

It sounds better in those two moods. This amp is the least used amp in my room, my nephew, who has started his electric guitar journey. He uses this amp for having fun with his friends.  Am I getting too rude on this amp?

Not at all, but I did not like the sound if I compared it with other amps. But one thing I want to clear about the amp is: that it is perfect for Punk rock guitarists. If you are a Punk rock guitarist, then play Blink 182 or Sum 41 with it. You will enjoy it.

Lyxpro has an excellent reputation for building beginner electric guitars, but they could not sustain that reputation in the amp market. There is a lot of big fish in the amp market. Fender, Marshall, Orange are one of the big heroes in the amp universe.

Other facilities:

So, if I compare Lyxpro with them, then they could have research the competitors to improve their product. For example, the band EQ could be better. The sound quality falls apart after a certain amount of practice. You have to invest your time in fixing up the familiar sound from this. 

However, as an amp reviewer, I will request you to not depend on my opinion. Go and check the Amazon reviews. But before that, let me give you a quick positive and negative remarks.


  • Beginner amp.
  • Basic EQ.
  • Loud sound.


  • I am not satisfied with the overall sound.


If you want an honest opinion, then I have a bit of doubt regarding this amp. Why? Comparatively, this one is cheap but not worthy enough for a beginner. So, think twice before punching your card.