Lyxpro Full-Size Electric Guitar Review

If you don’t have the right info when in need of a guitar set, then it becomes more likely that you’d make the wrong choice.

In this vein, all you need to do for the best product to be yours is to look through this Lyxpro Full-Size Electric Guitar Review. 

With tons of products on the market with misleading specs, you could buy a guitar set that’s either incomplete or not what you need. Based on this reason, you need to keep reading. 

What to Expect

In the market of guitars today, getting the right accessories for your product could be rather challenging. Many stand-alone guitars may be expensive to complement with necessary add-ons. With this review, you’d not need to search for a good guitar or accessories.

All the features of this guitar are made available to you from end to end. The neck design, fretboard, accessories, specs, pros and cons, and much more are made available to you.

The main reason why you’d need all this info is to help you make the right choice with your eyes wide open. When you get access to the facts about this guitar set, your selection becomes natural and very satisfying. 


  • 20 W amplifier
  • Built-in speaker included
  • 39”
  • Engineer wood fingerboard
  • Canadian Maplewood neck
  • Digital clip-on tuner added
  • S-S-S pickup 
  • Tremolo bar


Getting a guitar at the right length is what some buyers find tasking. This guitar set comes in a 39” end-to-end build. The length adds to the ease of using the guitar, and it’ll also make you play better within a short while.

Apart from the 39” for right-handed persons, this guitar set also comes in a left-handed 39” and 30”. So you have a choice when you need a different length or orientation for your guitar.

Outer finishing

There are so many beautiful parts of the outer finish of this guitar set. The guitar comes with a beautiful rosewood fingerboard for a better, sustained playing experience. 

Also, the base area of the guitar comes designed with a smooth finish. The smooth finish adds to the beauty of the guitar, and it also makes it more comfortable to use. 


The accessory pack from this guitar set is sure to wow you. When you opt to buy this guitar set, you’ll get with an amp, digital tuner, strap, speakers, amp cable, string replacements, and much more.

Neck design

The Canadian Maplewood is known for its extended durability and is the choice for this guitar. 

The fretboard is properly supported with the fitted neck. 

Also, the strings have sturdy fittings on the guitar’s neck. And they’re so easy to tune. 


The 20W amp that comes with this guitar set packs a punch and will boost your sound transmission with greater ease. 

To back it up, you’re also provided with a set of in-built speakers to blast away those sounds to your audience.

Extra Features 

Apart from having an awesome set of accessories, this guitar set comes with a headphone jack and AUX input for you to play tunes along from an external audio device.

Final Word

This guitar set comes with a load of accessories and a top-quality guitar. To make the experience more customized, you can also choose among a range of colors when ordering for your own special set.