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Christian B
Christian B. Rowland Heights, CA

Hi there! I am an experienced Music Educator and a Professional Voice Actor that really wants to make sure you are having fun with your lessons. Nothing is more boring than having to sit through a lesson and feel like you are wasting your time. No matter what I teach you, I will make sure it's enjoyable and you are having a blast with what you do. I taught at many schools, both public and private, and have worked with students of all ages and levels! Some of the schools I worked with include Bishop Amat Memorial High School, Alvarado Intermediate School, and Rowland High School. I taught all kinds of instruments, but I mainly specialized in brass. Vocally speaking, I am a trained vocalist from Cal State Fullerton and I have even received Musical Theatre training as well! I am using those skills in my Professional Voice Acting career where I am taught by top of the line professionals such as Crispin Freeman (Voice of Winston in Overwatch), Tony Oliver (Voice of Minato from Naruto), and Julie Maddalena-Kliewer (Voice of Sharena from Fire Emblem Heroes). I currently work as hard as I can to voice in many Animation, Video Game, and Commercial projects as I can! More details of where I taught, my degrees, my teachers, my experiences, and examples of my students singing can be found on my official website at: https://www.christianbanasvo.com/music-education/ I look forward to working with you!

Voice Lessons - Jania F
Voice Lessons Burbank, CA

My name is Jania! I've been a professional singer since I was a child. My father is a guitarist and my mother is a singer. They met in a band! So, naturally, I fell in love with music! I started my career singing with The Winans (a gospel group), Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Bob Jovi..and many other singers and performers. I later went on to write songs for myself and other artists. I was also doing voiceovers...all before my 16th birthday! I signed a record deal with my sisters right out of high school. My determination and hard work helped me to be the singing voice of NBC & CBS soap operas and gave me a chance to start really developing my vocal style. I later wrote & recorded a national and international Dance/Pop song that blazed up the charts. I've been a featured singer with The B. B. King's All Star band that is featured on the Holland America cruise line. I had a chance to share my voice with people from all over the world! Throughout ALL of this, I've helped other singers unlock the magic within their own voice...just like my former vocal coaches did for me. As long as you're willing to work hard, challenge yourself, explore your own voice, and have a lot of fun...you'll become the singer of YOUR dreams! I promise.