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Piano Lessons El Segundo

Piano Lessons

Below you can find El Segundo piano teachers active on the YourMusicLessons platform. We pride ourselves in finding the perfect teacher to fit your needs. Give us a call right now at 1-888-906-1373 or sign up online and you'll be taking your risk free introductory lesson before you know it. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the first lesson, we'll refund your payment for the first lesson in full.

El Segundo Piano Teachers

El Segundo Piano Teacher - Cem O.

Cem O.

The most important virtues I try to equip my students with are an appreciation and taste for good music, and the ability to self-teach. If the student is interested, music theory and ear-training goes hand-to-hand with playing the instrument itself. Method-wise, I make a plan with the student and set short and long term goals. This plan usually starts with building basic technical skills, then goes on with playing the pieces that the student likes and understanding the pieces, styles and genres. Then I teach improvisation.

El Segundo Piano Teacher - Seth D.

Seth D.

Learn Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Saxophone, Clarinet, or Music Production;the easy, the fun way. I take a beginning student from learning the notes of their instrument, reading music, learning beginning melodies, music theory (including scales, and chords), all the way to learning modern pop songs and melodies and playing actual parts from songs on the radio with the recording as well as teaching a student to play pop, jazz, classical or any other genre. Advanced students are encouraged to write music and start creating.

Student Testimonials

"Megan is my daughter's piano teacher. We are so thankful and satisfied with her service. Megan is very professional, knowledgeable and passionate about music. We (parents,) have witnessed drastic improvements in my daughter's music skills. We have learn to trust Megan with her teachings. Best way to describe Megan: patient, kind, caring and knows how to change the "I, can't do this" to "oh, is fun and yes! I CAN! ". "

Eriel Wright - Los Angeles, CA

"Joshua has been a great teacher from the very beginning and has kept me motivated in learning to play the piano. He is able to answer all my questions and continues to challenge me which makes it fun to learn. He was always flexible with time schedules."

Maricar Magno - Valley Village, CA

"My daughter absolutely LOVES Christine; she even composed a song for her for her birthday. She is super patient and gives appropriate positive reinforcement which greatly encourages my daughter to want to practice and play piano."

Alida Narguizian - Van Nuys, CA

"We love Zac! He is a kind and wonderful teacher, and is very supportive. Most importantly, he has rekindled my daughter's love of guitar and she now looks forward to her lesson each week. A+!"

Pam Humbert - Encino, CA

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