Reverend Guitars Double Agent OG Review: In Detail

Modern Christian music is far more complicated than before. Bethel Music, Planetshakers, Hillsong, etc. requires advanced skill and subtle sounds. Moreover, there is diversity in the playing style. A worship leader needs to produce light, atmospheric lines and even jangly strumming with celebratory overdriven tones. That is why you need to pick the right Guitar for the task.

The Reverend Guitars Double Agent OG is one of those guitars that can rock and roll in the church by forcing the audience to concentrate on their prayer. The sound it provides is breathtaking. If you want to be a worship leader, the Reverend Guitars Double Agent OG is the right choice for you.

I am writing the Reverend Guitars Double Agent OG review here so that you can understand its strengths and weakness and decided whether to go with this or not. So, let’s get started right away.

Reverend Guitars Double Agent OG Review: In Detail

The Truth is, we have picked this one simply because of the big brand name. Then again, not many guitars in the market can provide excellent support in playing worship songs. Another reason to pick this one here is its price. While most of the Electric Guitar for Worship requires a high cost, this one is different. It provides quality, yet the price is low. However, it has its flaws too. Here we will discuss everything about the Guitar in detail. Let us begin.


A Bridge Humbucker and Neck P-90, designed by Reverend, is a unique combination. The Humbucker is the mastermind behind its astonishingly sweet sound, whereas the old style P-90 makes it ideal for celebratory and worship music. You can work with them combined with a three-way switch as well.

Furthermore, the Double Agent is subtle with its Korina body. It produces lively and celebratory music that will not go all dark when you roll back the volume. Overall, the sound quality is surprisingly good.


The Reverend Guitars Double Agent OG is impeccably constructed with top quality materials. The fretboard and neck are made of the highest quality maple. It can withstand heavy use. The Guitar surely will serve you many years if you maintain it properly.

Different Look: 

If you need something different, you can have it in the first place. Most of the woman guitarists love it for its contrasting color combination. The design is pretty good and also the pinkish color.


In terms of playability, Double Agent OG gets the highest mark. You can play it for an extended period without facing any discomfort. It is designed in such a way so that the novice guitarist can perform smoothly and never lost their interest due to intense pain.


While most of the Guitar for worship genre is expensive, this one is available under a thousand dollars. Reverend did not compromise the quality just because of the low cost. They made it for those dreamers who dream of being a worship leader but don’t have enough money. 

Final Words

If you want to involve in worship playing but do not have enough money to get a good guitar, what will you do? You will buy the Reverend Guitars Double Agent OG and start practicing. The price is low, yet the quality it provides is not at all inferior.

This Guitar will provide top quality sound, the construction quality is excellent, and also you can play it for an extended period without any problem.

Now it is up to you whether to buy it or not. I am leaving you here right now. See you soon with many more. Till then: