RockJam 6 ST Style Electric Guitar Review

There are so many things you need when you’re looking to jazz up your potential as a music lover. If you’re already a pro or practicing to become one, then a complete guitar set could do you a whole world of good. 

Apart from the guitar collection providing you with all the accessories you need out-the-box, it’s a cost-effective decision when you need to save some cash. This RockJam 6 ST Style Electric Guitar Review will give you all the info you need to know.

There are lots of electric guitar kits on the market, hence making a choice for the right product is very challenging. If you’re currently between too many options, don’t be troubled! This review comes designed just for you. 

There are so many things the review addresses, and we’ll take a look at this as we read through.

What to Expect

There are loads of inconsistent or incomplete reviews on electric guitars that’ll lead you in the wrong direction. All the information in the world won’t matter to you if you don’t find it helpful.

Based on this, you should expect a feature-benefit linking style from this review. All the features of the guitar come described in detail, and what you stand to gain from the guitar is also outlined in this reading. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know.


  • 10 W amplifier
  • 3X single-coil pickup 
  • Tremolo guitar bridge system
  • Right-handed orientation
  • Basswood body


The guitar comes at an industry-standard range, assuring better comfort and operation for the user. When the guitar’s fretboard and neck are stretched out at the right length, it becomes easier for you to get used to the strings and create better notes.  

Outer finishing 

The outer finish of this guitar comes made with a hardwood finish for a durable, sturdy frame for the guitar. 


This guitar set comes with a factory-packaged string set. Apart from the string set already mounted on your guitar, a collection of spare strings is also added to make your time with the guitar eventful.

Also, the guitar set comes with a shoulder strap, making your handling and operation of the guitar easier than you’d expect. 

To give you more ease in transmitting your sound signals to the amp, this guitar also comes with a 10ft amp cable.

You also get free picks to make it easier to play the guitar for a more extended period.

Neck design

The neck of this guitar comes designed with hardwood. The hardwood stands as a sturdy support for your truss rod and adequately supports your guitar strings and fretboard. 


 The 10W amp that comes with this electric guitar kit adds more boost to the sounds you deliver with a better tone and consistency. 

Final Word

On a final thought, I’d recommend you take a closer look at this electronic guitar kit. It’ll provide a lot of support for you, and you’ll get the best of the guitar no matter your skill level.