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Saxophone Lessons Orange County

Saxophone Lessons

Below you can find Orange County saxophone teachers active on the YourMusicLessons platform. We pride ourselves in finding the perfect teacher to fit your needs. Give us a call right now at 1-888-906-1373 or sign up online and you'll be taking your risk free introductory lesson before you know it. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the first lesson, we'll refund your payment for the first lesson in full.

Orange County Saxophone Teachers

Orange County Saxophone Teacher - Benny R.

Benny R.

I believe in teaching the basic fundamentals of each instrument as a foundation for becoming a mature musician. This ultimately leads my students to becoming more well-rounded musicians who can handle any type of music, from classical to pop, from jazz to rock. Teaching fundamentals such as scales, arpeggios, and method studies are at the core of guiding my students into becoming professional musicians themselves. Above all, I work hard to make sure my students have FUN at my lessons while excelling on their instrument.

Orange County Saxophone Teacher - Joseph S.

Joseph S.

I feel that my job as a saxophone teacher in Orange County is to instill a sense of passion and love for music in my students, in addition to teaching them the instrument and the rudiments of music. I also am a strong believer that the best way to grow as a musician is to perform, to play with other musicians, and to listen to as much music as one can get their hands on. My teaching style emphasizes deliberate and consistent practice schedules and a very broad and visceral understanding of music as a whole.

Student Testimonials

"I feel very fortunate to have found Alex. He is the best music teacher I have ever had. He is informative, patient, thoughtful, professional. He is also a first rate, top of the rest, musician. I would recommend him to all. "

Vance Becker - Newport Coast, CA

"Shelby is a very patient young woman. She is always encouraging me and saying what a wonderful job I'm doing. With sincere thanks."

LaVerne Green - Seattle, WA

"Chris has been great! We've tried a few other teachers in the past, but Chris rises above them all. He's great at connecting with young musicians! We're so glad to have found him."

Nadine May - Portland, OR

"I am thoroughly enjoying Wesly. He is always positive and friendly. He uses a variety of songs and we even play duets! He is just the kind of instructor I was hoping for. He has made learning fun and there is no pressure."

Jeanene Bean - La Verne, CA

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Saxophone Lessons, Orange County

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