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Music Teacher - Suzanne D
4 Reviews
Music TeacherRahway, NJ

Hello! My name is Suzanne and I am a music educator residing in the beautiful state of New Jersey. I have a bachelor of arts in music education from Kean University and have several years of music teaching experience from public schools and private teaching.As a teacher, I like to structure lessons as challenging but rewarding for my students. Each lesson is customized and structured for the success of each student. In other words, prepare to work hard but make incredible progress!I hope to hear from you and assist you on your musical journey!

Pop Music Teacher - Charlotte G
1 Review
Pop Music TeacherLeander, TX

Music has always been a part of my life. Since beginning the piano at age 4, I have dedicated most of my life to spreading the gift of music through performance and education. I received my degree in music education and French Horn performance from James Madison University. From there, I travelled extensively throughout the US and Europe. These adventures not only broadened my geographical horizons but also my artistic. I continue to play in a variety of settings including orchestras, fellowship and pop bands. Teaching has always been my first love and I enjoy instructing musicians of all ages. It's never too late (or too early!) to discover the talents within.When I am not teaching and performing, I enjoy spending time with my husband Kevin working on DIY projects at our house, playing with my son Dylan (who is an awesome guitar player), snuggling with my 5 cats, curling up with a good book and knitting scarves for those horrible Texas winters!

Professional Trombone Teacher - Keifer J

Hello everyone,I am a session trombonist based in Atlanta, GA. During my (almost) ten year career so far, I have recorded backing horns for many artists and bands, from independent artists to Grammy Award winners. I have also had the honor and privilege of performing for President Barack Obama for a cold Easter Sunday in April of 2011. I am competent on many different instruments from the euphonium to the synthesizer, but the trombone is my primary instrument, and the instrument that I love the most. I am excited for the opportunity to spread my years of wisdom and experience with those in the Metro Atlanta area.

Music Lessons - Kelli T
Music LessonsAuburn, WA

Hello there! I'm an Auburn valley music educator and have been playing trumpet for 18 years. I graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelors in Instrumental Music Education. My main instrument is trumpet and my secondary instrument is trombone. I am brass specialist but also teach beginner woodwind and percussion instruments as well. I have been playing and teaching trumpet for 10 years and have been teaching band in public schools for the past 5 years. I enjoy catering instrumental lessons to the individual students needs and interests. I enjoy teaching people of all ages and sharing my love of music with them. If you are looking to learn a new instrument, continue growing as a musician, or if you need extra help in band class I look forward to beginning our work together.*** Specialties *** Trumpet Instruction, Trombone Instruction, Beginning Band Instruction

Music Classes - Christian B
Music ClassesRowland Heights, CA

Hi there!I am an experienced Music Educator and a Professional Voice Actor that really wants to make sure you are having fun with your lessons. Nothing is more boring than having to sit through a lesson and feel like you are wasting your time. No matter what I teach you, I will make sure it's enjoyable and you are having a blast with what you do.I taught at many schools, both public and private, and have worked with students of all ages and levels! Some of the schools I worked with include Bishop Amat Memorial High School, Alvarado Intermediate School, and Rowland High School. I taught all kinds of instruments, but I mainly specialized in brass.Vocally speaking, I am a trained vocalist from Cal State Fullerton and I have even received Musical Theatre training as well! I am using those skills in my Professional Voice Acting career where I am taught by top of the line professionals such as Crispin Freeman (Voice of Winston in Overwatch), Tony Oliver (Voice of Minato from Naruto), and Julie Maddalena-Kliewer (Voice of Sharena from Fire Emblem Heroes). I currently work as hard as I can to voice in many Animation, Video Game, and Commercial projects as I can!More details of where I taught, my degrees, my teachers, my experiences, and examples of my students singing can be found on my official website at:https://www.christianbanasvo.com/music-education/I look forward to working with you!

Music Lessons - Marcus P
Music LessonsDallas, TX

Hello there. My name is Marcus Parks II. I am a musician. I have been playing various instruments for 10+ years now. I have also been teaching since I was 11. I have taught people from the ages of 5 on up to 50+ years old. I love teaching people how to play any instrument. Its excites me to watch someone start as a beginner and become a wonderful musician!. I have been around music all my life. I attend The United House Of Prayer For All People (church). This is where my talent started. I just want to help others play for the enjoyment or even if they are trying to play in a band. I am here to help you If you are willing to put in the work.

Trumpet and Trombone Teacher - Shane C

I have been playing since I was allowed to pick an instrument for band in 6th grade. I knew early on that I wanted to work hard and get better, but it wasn't until I started playing new music on my own time, that I found a voice in my playing. I moved to New Orleans right out of high school, where I really grew into the musician I am now. I've since tried to take the musical inspiration I got in New Orleans, and apply it to my lessons. My goal is to get students interested in a style of music, so they can immerse themselves in it.

Trumpet and Trombone Teacher - Chris T

I've been playing trumpet for 10 years, and I picked up the trombone 4 years ago. Currently I attend Chapman University in Orange majoring in Performance, and Saddleback College. Currently I study with Tim Hall, who has played with the LA Opera, Pacific Symphony, LA Chamber Orchestra and many others, and have studied with jazz greats such as Joey Sellers and pianist Kei Akagi, who toured with Miles Davis. Music is my greatest passion in life; I've been teaching, performing, and recording for trumpet and trombone since high school and I play every chance I get. I'm more than happy to pass on what I've learned to anyone who wants more music in their life.

Trombone Lessons - Tom J
Trombone LessonsChicago, IL

In middle school, Tom heard a recording of the Montreal Symphony playing The Planets by Gustav Holst. Ever since, he's been fascinated with orchestral music - playing it as a trombonist, and writing it as a composer!Tom graduated from the Chicago College of Performing Arts with a master's degree in Orchestral Studies, where he studied with Jay Friedman (Chicago Symphony Orchestra) and Reed Capshaw (Chicago Philharmonic). He also studied with Mike Dugan (Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra) at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. From these outstanding teachers, Tom learned that the best musicians are those who find a unique approach that speaks to their own passions and strengths. As a teacher, Tom avoids a cookie-cutter approach and encourages his students to find their own voice.Tom is also an experienced pianist in both classical and jazz. He has worked as a recital accompanist, and performed jazz on the Lake Geneva Cruise Line.Besides music, Tom is a three-time full marathon finisher, a movie buff and enjoys landscape photography. He's an avid reader and listens to many podcasts.