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Award Winning Flute Teacher - Chase L

This music teacher works with various styles including classical, all-state music preparation, audition preparation, and competition preparation. Chase is patient and adaptable as an instructor and will always listen to his client's needs.

Pop Music Lessons - Skyy S
Pop Music LessonsHouston, TX

Looking for one of the best music instructors in Houston who can offer students with no experience music sessions?

Classical Piano Lessons - Timothy S

Need some skillful fingers? Learn with Timothy S. he is a patient individual who earnestly listens to student's needs. You'll learn and classical when you take music lessons from Timothy

Patient Voice Lessons - Nathaniel S

Learn voice and music theory sessions with a San Jacinto College graduate. Nathaniel S. is accepting clients of all ages and levels for one-on-one classes and coaching. He will instruct you classical and general.

Saxophone Tutor - Oswaldo G
Saxophone TutorHouston, TX

Oswaldo's ambition as a tutor is to change students lives through music. Check out how much his lessons cost.

Private Violin Teacher - Temitope J

Temitope has a degree in computer science from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota . He finished in 2014. As one of our talented music tutors, Temitope J. offers licensed music classes.

Music Teacher - Joe C
Music TeacherHouston, TX

Trying to find a teacher to help you sing like your favorite pop star? Joe C. is committed to your individual success.

Audio Engineering Tutor - Ander Von A

Ander Von A. started his teaching career 8 years ago. His degree from Texas State University helps him be an amazing teacher for you.

Jazz Bass Teacher - Carlo C
Jazz Bass TeacherHouston, TX

Carlo charges $40 for his sessions. His goal is that students of all ages and levels will enjoy private music lessons.

Latin Drum Teacher - Rhumer M
Latin Drum TeacherHouston, TX

Rhumer will discover new ways to simplify complex concepts. His goal is that students of all ages will enjoy private music lessons.