UkuleleBuddy Review: Is It Really Beginner-Friendly?

The brainchild of professional musicians JP Allen and Mitch Chang, Ukulele Buddy is one of the most popular ukulele learning programs on the web.

Ukulele Buddy is formulated mainly for beginners who are looking to build a solid uke playing foundation. Upon completing the Ukulele Buddy program, you should be able to play the correct notes, identify different chords, play simple tunes, and transpose your favorite songs.

Despite the stiff competition in the form of platforms like ArtistWorks and Uke Like The Pros, Ukulele Buddy has managed to maintain its reputation as the best ukulele learning program for beginners.

In this Ukulele Buddy review, we go over everything you need to know about the program, from the quality of the content and how the course is structured to pricing and exclusive features, so stick around. 

Instructors & Teaching Styles4.5/5
Pricing & Money-Back Guarantee4.5/5
Lesson Variety3/5
Trial Period3.5/5
Exclusive Features4/5

A Quick Review of UkuleleBuddy

From ukulele chords and progressions to ranking and posture, Ukulele Buddy does an excellent job of laying the foundation of ukulele playing in a simple, streamlined fashion.

It does so without pestering the learner with constant interaction with instructors, as it adopts an effective learn at your own pace approach. 

A Quick Review of UkuleleBuddy

The Ukulele Buddy program is broken down into 70 tutorial videos that are easily digestible. Video quality isn’t the sharpest, but the close-up camera angles help make up for it.  

Ukulele Buddy serves as an optimal starting point for beginners, but we wouldn’t recommend it for intermediate and pro musicians. 


  • Ideal learning program for beginners
  • Developed by professional musicians
  • Minimal interaction with instructors
  • Full access with a one-time payment
  • Streamlined and super easy to follow


  • Not fit for advanced musicians
  • Video quality can be improved

Who Should Buy UkuleleBuddy?

  • Beginners looking to learn at their own pace
  • Musicians looking for a wallet-friendly course
  • Musicians not fond of instructor interference

UkuleleBuddy Full Review

For some, the brief Ukulele Buddy introduction we just did may be enough to determine whether or not the platform is worth it. For others, however, detailed elaboration is needed.

UkuleleBuddy Full Review

If you belong to the latter category of people, this section of the article is for you. We’re going to break down Ukulele Buddy’s strongest selling points. 

Beginners Are Prioritized

Ukulele Buddy, in its entirety, is designed with beginners in mind. The course features content that experienced ukulele players can benefit from, for sure, but such players aren’t really the target audience.

The program is composed of 70 online ukulele lessons. Each ukulele lesson spans between 12 and 15 minutes. After only a few Ukulele Buddy lessons, you’ll be able to play some of your favorite ukulele tunes.

We’ve noticed that one of the main reasons why beginners tend to quit music courses is because it takes too long for them to get to the part where they’re actually able to play music. You don’t have to worry about that with Ukulele Buddy.

World-Class Instructors

Despite its learn at your own pace approach, all Ukulele Buddy lessons come with instructions and suggestions on how you should follow along with the curriculum.

We love the way JP Allen and Mitch Chang go about their business and how vibrant their personalities are. They’re just so spirited, enthusiastic, and invested in helping you achieve ukulele mastery. 

The teaching techniques adopted by JP Allen and Mitch Chang are simple and straightforward, with a huge emphasis on the importance of regular practice and having fun as you’re learning.

All Ukulele Buddy tutorial videos are shot in a professional studio. The sound quality is great, and the instructors speak very clearly. The quality of the videos could’ve been sharper, though. 

There’s a common theme in all Ukulele Buddy tutorial videos: the first half of each lesson is all about listening, as it typically revolves around theory, whereas the second half encourages students to pick up their instrument and play along. 

Well-Structured Program

The main reason why Ukulele Buddy is acknowledged by many as the best beginner-friendly ukulele course is that its learning path is well-structured.

Courses that are designed for intermediate and advanced musicians don’t pay much attention to structure because their target audience is people with a solid ukulele playing footing. 

Programs that are intended for beginners like Ukulele Buddy, on the other hand, grasp that their target audience is probably people that have never picked up a ukulele in their life, and so great attention is paid to the sequence at which the content is presented. 

It’s quite apparent that Mitch Chang and JP Allen have given it their all in contemplation of how the learning path should progress. Each lesson capitalizes nicely on the information shared in previous lessons. 

On average, you should take three lessons per week. If you want to progress faster and you’re able to learn quickly, you can take on more lessons per week. 

Ukulele Buddy starts with two lessons that serve as introductions to the ukulele instrument. They cover everything the learner needs to know about the instrument’s anatomy and the lingo that uke players should be familiar with. There are also a few helpful ukulele chord diagrams.

From the third lesson onward, the learner is encouraged to pick up their uke and play along. You’ll first start with basic chords and strumming patterns. Thereafter, you’ll learn some basic two-chord progressions, then move on to learn complicated chords and strumming techniques. 

One of the things we like the most about the Ukulele Buddy program is that it covers a wide variety of musical genres. After all, not all uke players listen to the same music. We especially like that it sheds light on quite a few blues and reggae grooves.

UkuleleBuddy Memberships

Unlike many online ukulele teaching programs, Ukulele Buddy grants you lifetime access to all of its content with a one-time purchase. No membership plans means you’re not tied to a monthly or yearly financial commitment. This is one of the reasons Ukulele Buddy is as popular as it is.

UkuleleBuddy Memberships

You’d expect Ukulele Buddy’s lifetime access to be priced steeply, but it’s actually quite affordable at only $67. It’s pretty much the same cost as 2-3 in-person lessons with a private instructor.

Not only does this one-time purchase grant you access to 70 video lessons playable on all devices, but you also get to enjoy useful resources like an online metronome and printable music e-books. Not to mention, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

UkuleleBuddy Alternatives

Ukulele Buddy isn’t the only online ukulele teaching website. The competition is actually steeper than you may think. That being said, if Ukulele Buddy doesn’t meet your requirements, you may want to check out one of the following options. 


ArtistWorks differs from Ukulele Buddy the way night differs from day. For starters, ArtistWorks runs on a memberships model. Membership plans include 3, 6, and 12 months.

To add, ArtistWorks doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee like Ukulele Buddy. So, it’s not possible to get a refund if you’re not satisfied with the program’s curriculum.


Where ArtistWorks shines, however, is lesson variety. The platform offers ukulele lessons for all skill levels. You can also find lessons for other instruments like the guitar.

Ukulele Buddy’s self-paced model makes for minimal interaction with instructors, whereas ArtistWorks features 1-on-1 lessons as well as the ability to send your instructor videos of your practice sessions for detailed feedback. 

Uke Like The Pros

UkuleleBuddy might be the best ukulele teaching website for beginners, but Uke Like The Pros is acknowledged by many as the best platform for uke musicians of all skill levels.

Personally, we think that UkuleleBuddy’s beginner-specific lessons are superior to the ones offered by Uke Like The Pros. So, unless you’re an intermediate or advanced musician, stick to Ukulele Buddy.

Uke Like The Pros

It’s also worth noting that both platforms differ when it comes to their subscription model. Like ArtistWorks, Uke Like The Pros has several membership plans that you can opt for, including a free plan. UkuleleBuddy, per contra, offers you full lifetime access with a one-time purchase. Both platforms have a money-back guarantee, but only Uke Like The Pros has a free trial option.  

As far as the teaching model, the Uke Like The Pros system is composed of interactive lessons and live sessions where students and instructors engage in challenges, jams, play-alongs, and Q&A sessions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ukulele Buddy Have a Free Trial?

It doesn’t, but it does come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the course’s content, you can simply opt out and get a full refund with no questions asked. 

Is Ukulele Buddy Good for Advanced Musicians?

Ukulele Buddy is designed primarily for beginner ukulele players. Some of its content is optimal for intermediates and advanced musicians, but beginners are the main target audience. 

Is Ukulele Buddy Expensive? 

Compared to competitor courses, UkuleleBuddy is quite affordable. Not to mention, it grants you lifetime access to its content without having you pay a monthly or yearly fee. 

Final Thoughts

We’ll conclude this Ukulele Buddy review by saying that there’s no beating the platform when it comes to beginner-friendly ukulele lessons. 

The learning path is well-structured, the instructors are professional and have extensive musical backgrounds, and the program, overall, is comparatively affordable. Talk about value for the money!

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