Valeton Rushead Max USB Rechargeable Guitar Amp Review

Technology is a blessing. I remember the quotation whenever I see any new invention in the music industry. The mini amp is one of them, which has made the tone easier. They have just brought everything under your finger.

Yes, I am writing about pocket amps. They are the perfect example of my earlier statements. This amp can provide you the best experience that you could taste in a real guitar amp. Maybe my explanation is a bit fictitious for some of you, right? Well, let me break that down then.

The demand for pocket amps is high right now. You cannot imagine how useful these amps are. Every guitarist now prefers this amp for their practice, even in shows. Why? Because they are lightweight, easy to configure, and high-end.

As a guitarist, I also use this type of mini amp for my silent practice. Valetone and VOX are my favorite mini amp. I will write about the two amps here. But the first thing you are going to learn is Valeton Rushead USB Guitar Amp. 

This amp comes in a lot of features. I will write about each of them step by step. So, the first thing is its appearance. A six-inch amp with multiple buttons and all the buttons are well architecture with effects and EQ.

Some Awesome Specifications:


Now, let me start with EQ knobs first. The Volume, tone, and ambient controllers are very balanced. You can control them according to your desired sound. This rule of thumb also applies to the MOD and Gain controller.

I want to break the features by explaining my experiences. Last week, my friend Drea threw a party in his large house. At that party, I had to play my guitar stuff. As I was in a rush, I was not able to take my telecaster. But drea saved me with his fantastic squire telecaster.

The guitar took only 10 minutes to get prepared for my mini amp. I just plugged the ¼” jack then put another audio input through the audio jack. That’s all. I just snatched the party through my playing.

Am I bragging too much about me? Well, it’s human nature to talk about his/her achievement. Oh god! I am switching out of my topic. Let’s get back to the central business. So, I was writing about the mini amp features through my playing experience. 

Sound effects:

One of the remarkable experiences with this amp -was its effects. Yes, I am going to write about it now. It has three different buttons for selecting the delay, reverb, chorus effects, and a lot more. I played “Highway to hell” by Ac/Dc and “Time” by Mateus Asato -with this amp. 

So, I hope those examples are good enough to explain the sound quality of this amp. Like the sound quality, this amp has impressive battery power. It almost supported five to six hours of battery backup during my tour practice.

Other facilities:

I also noticed the charge of reducing the alarm in this amp. No, it is not loud. Instead, it will show you “how long you are going to have a backup.” There are four LED lights. All of them will gradually decrease when battery power reduces.

To charge up the battery, it will take two to three hours. And that’s all you need to prepare for the upcoming fresh start. In a word, if you are searching for a mini travel amp, then consider this amp. But before that, let me write about the pros and cons first. 


  • Mini amp.
  • Dedicated effects.
  • Perfect for silent practice.


  • If you are a heavy metal artist, it will not help you that much.


Rechargeable guitar amps are now booming the market. They are easy to use in tour and practice pad. And if you are one of them who want to buy a battery powered guitar amp, then keep monitoring this.