ZENY 39″ Full-Size Electric Guitar Review

When you need a guitar set, there are lots of things that should come to mind before making the final decision. This is because not every guitar could provide you with exactly what you need.

The best thing for you to do is to read the ZENY 39” Full-Size Electric Guitar. 

With the info you’ll receive, it’s sure that you’ll get a satisfying product. Also, when in doubt on which electric guitar to select, then you should read this with rapt attention.

What to Expect

People have different expectations when they seek a guitar set that’ll satisfy their needs. But one thing everyone agrees with is the need for satisfaction. 

The best way to achieve maximum satisfaction when in need of a satisfying product is to know about the features of the guitar set. When all the features of the guitar sets are brought to your notice, you’d know exactly what you’re buying. 

In this regard, you’ll get access to all the specs, pros, cons, and main features of this guitar kit.


  • 10W amplifier
  • Two-band equalizer
  • Maplewood neck
  • 3 x single coil
  • 5 x scale tone control
  • Tremolo bridge


The guitar comes in a 39” build. The length of this guitar set helps you handle the guitar with ease. Also, you’d learn to play better in a short while.

Outer finishing 

The outer finish of this guitar comes in a beautiful design. You can get the outer finish of the guitar set to come in blue or black. 

But regardless of your choice, the outer finish comes so smoothly. Apart from being so beautiful, it ensures you don’t get any harsh irritation from resting the guitar on your waist or lower torso.


There are so many accessories that come with this guitar set. The set comes with spare guitar strings, so you don’t need to spend more on getting a spare string set.

Also, you get a free shoulder strap to make it easier to play the guitar regardless of your stance.

You also get an amplifier and amp cable for easy sound transmission. And as if that isn’t enough, you’re also provided with a carrying bag to make the guitar easy to carry around. 

Neck design

The neck design of the guitar set comes wholly designed in Maplewood. The choice of wood for this guitar ensures better support for your guitar’s strings. Also, the neck design adds to the overall beauty of the guitar.


The 10W amp that comes with this set guarantees a better sound delivery for your guitar system. When this amp works together with the tone changer, the sounds you get are surely going to be phenomenal. 

Final Word

After you’ve looked through all the essential features of this guitar set, what’s left is to ponder over when will be the right time to place an order. After your order is placed, you’ve assured a hassle-free and thrilling guitar experience for yourself and a worthy addition to your collection.